Kt Anne

Stay safe and enjoy your meal. With love Kt & girls x

Simone Cross

Tonight is cold but I hope this soup warms your belly.


Take care of yourself.


Keep up the great work! All the way from Brisbane.

Vera Weir

You do amazing work for people in need. Thank you for your beautiful hearts.


Have a nice day 🙂

Janice Candy

” enjoy the soup and travel well my friend”

Craig Preston

“Hope the soup brings you some comfort and we care about you”


“The unexpected is what makes life possible”  


Please take our love with you. Best wishes from the COINs project. ❤️


Hoping each bowl feels like love.


May you have the generosity of all Melbourne people to keep this going

Kay Esmond

“May the sun shine warmth on you today – you are a wonderful person”


You are never alone – be well and warm

Rebecca Bushby

I hope the soup feels your belly and warms your heart ❤️

Tom Zamanis

“This is a great cause and all the best”